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About Us

EpiCare Limited is a New York based corporation with over 10 years of experience in the animal wound care field. Specializing in both large and companion animals, EpiCare is endorsed by some of the top Veterinarians in the country. These include Animal College Chief Veterinarians from the University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, University of Pennsylvania New Bolton, UC Davis, and Iowa State. Studies have also been conducted at four of the previously mentioned sites. 

EpiCare Limited specializes in producing cutting edge wound topicals. The AnimalAid® line of topicals offers superior skin care capabilities for a variety of animals. The current human and animal test data, as well as leading veterinarians, support our product’s benefits on wounds, burns, and skin lesions. Additionally, the topicals have the progressive attribute of being 100% steroid-free, alcohol-free and antibiotic-free. This advantage of our technology lends itself to a more humane degree of animal treatment. This is a result of our patented amino based technology.

This patented technology has proven to soothe and ease discomfort. EpiCare formulas have been used in over 1000 clinical cases to date, without any evidence of side effects. Although all of the formulae have different compounding they have one common thread running through them, and that is our patented amino based active. This is the core of our wound technology.